Welcome to Ruach Day Camp, Brooklyn’s Premier Day Camp!

We offer the amenities of a sleep away camp, right here at home. Your children will be in a ruchniyusdik environment while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Ruach Boys’ Campus boasts two acres of sports fields including basketball, hockey, volleyball and soccer. We have our own outdoor, in-ground, heated pool, water slide and bounce houses, as well as a canteen. Sports Leagues begin from second grade. Baseball is also played in Marine Park, just a few minutes away by bus.


Rabbi Berish Berkowitz

Learning Director

Our Elite Learning Program is directed by Rabbi Berish Berkowitz, a well known and experienced mechanech. Our dynamic and experienced Rabbeim are carefully selected in order to enhance your son’s summer learning and keep him up to par for the coming school year.

Rabbi Mutty Zeiger

Head Counselor

The head counselor, Rabbi Mutty Zeiger, is a beloved Rebbe during the school year and is well known for his ability to inspire and motivate his talmidim. Rabbi Zeiger fills each day with ruchniyus and Ruach as well as awesome, non-stop action programming.